Colgate max fresh china marketing strategy

This is the same reason as to why the United States plan can not work n other countries. Implementation, functional and operational plans.

The money saved is then used to fill the gap left in profit margins by lowering product prices. CP could therefore only offer the cosmetic needs to customer until the time when other tooth paste producers were allowed to offer toothpaste Colgate max fresh china marketing strategy had fluoride as one of its ingredients.

This is possible through use of focus groups that represent the population and give feed back on what the needs of the consumers are. In order to meet the consumer needs in the different regions, CP has Consumer Innovation centres CICs that are made up of product developers, marketers and insighters.

Marketing in the new product requires a pull strategy in all the markets.

Colgate Max Fresh Marketing Assessment

The objectives are not consistent with each other as what pleases individuals in one country might not please others in another country because of diversity in culture.

This increases its sales and has in fact given it monopoly in some countries where its rivals are yet to penetrate.

The proposed marketing plans in the two countries is pull strategy. In Mexico fore example, CP is more established than any other toothpaste manufacturing company implying that in the event it is competing with another company to launch a new product, its products will be more preferred as it is more trusted.

CP will hence have to adopt a push strategy in the marketing of Colgate Max Fresh so that is they literally show its power to the customers. Threats CP suffers a considerable amount of competition from its competitors both internationally and at home in the United States.

In marketing Colgate Max Fresh as a new product, promotional efforts should be directed towards emphasizing the fact that it meets both therapeutic and cosmetic needs.

Market based implies that it does its productions based on what the consumers want and not what it perceives to be right for the consumers. Offering products at lower prices enables the company to increase its sales as it attracts more customers. The preferences in the two needs from toothpastes however differed amongst market segments, in the United states market, market studies showed that both therapeutic and cosmetic needs were even amongst consumers while consumers in China and Mexico were however more inclined towards the therapeutic need.

Strategic Justification Employing a market based approach ensures that the company understands what the consumers need in the toothpaste. There is nothing much the company can do regarding customer change in test, the company can however step up its competitive edge by offering its products at lower prices.

Colgate-Palmolive company has a well organized cooperate structure that ensures good coordination of its international operations. Most customers will go for brands that are offered at lower prices for example in china.

This is based on the fact that different countries have different cultures hence different preferences in products.

CP has also diversified its production such that apart from toothpaste and mouthwash, it also produces soaps and pet nutrition. It requires transport to be organized and recruitment of people who will do it.

Strategic Problem Are the locally adapted marketing strategic measures proposed to market and launch the new Colgate Max Fresh product of China and Mexico safe enough to enable the company to maintain the current constant growth it is enjoying and sustain the market advantage it has been able to build over the years globally in spite of the competition?

This led to the development of Colgate Max Fresh, toothpaste that met both therapeutic and cosmetic needs. In order to implement the recommended strategies, the company must ensure that it does a through search of the market to identify what the needs of the customers are.

In Mexico and China, therapeutic need is more and the Chinese are aspect of fresh breath in toothpaste.

The step to widen and exploit new market segments by developing products such as the new Colgate Max Fresh which serves the purposes of both the consumers who need toothpaste to increase their physical appearance by whitening their teeth and giving them a fresh breath as well as those who need it to be therapeutic creates an opportunity for the company to increase its sales as it is able to sell to both groups of consumers the same product.

The customers in these countries need to see it in order to understand and trust it. Colgate Case Study Essay EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Consumer behaviours are never stagnant as their preferences always change requiring business organizations that offer goods and services to come up with strategic plans that will not only enable them to keep at par with these changes so that they are able to meet and satisfy consumer needs but also to beat their competitors hence maintain a high competitive advantage in the market.

Customers hence perceive its products to be ones that can be trusted and effective. The company however has resources to adapt a strategy that meets the needs of the consumers. These needs include functionality of the product. CICs do study the local markets too identify the needs and mesh this local knowledge with global protocols that guide the company.

The Global Research and Development also is strength for the company. This will attract both cases of consumers as they understand that they understand that using it has both benefits. The recommendations are to help the company continue growing in terms of sales and maintain the competitive advantage it has in the market over its competitors.

Colgate enjoys a large share of the market in the two countries which provides it with the opportunity to increase its sales by introducing the new product.

Customers want a brand that serves the purpose they need it to.Colgate-Palmolive, an international company that deals with the production of personal, oral and home care, and pet nutrition in spite of being well known and commanding a large share of the market in the industry, is facing challenges in launching and marketing of one of its new products (Colgate Max Fresh) in China and Mexico.

With a successful product in the US, Colgate-Palmolive decided to target its global audience by marketing to various geographies namely China and Mexico as the case Colgate Max Fresh: Global Brand Roll-out points out.

Their global strategy posed immense challenges in terms of overcoming cultural barriers, but the “must-have”.

Jay Chou Colgate Max Fresh Commercial Implementation in China Dispensing the toothpaste in clear bottles to build brand awareness Colgate-Palmolive has invested a large amount of capitol in the Max Fresh marketing campaign.

Analyze the changes (relative to the US launch of Colgate Max Fresh) made by CP China in launching Colgate Max Fresh in China. What is your opinion of these changes?

2. How. Explore BrainMass. Member eMail or Expert Id Marketing; Marketing Strategy; ; Colgate Max Fresh Marketing Assessment. Add Remove. See. Colgate Max Fresh Report Words | 11 Pages. effect of increased marketing spending and increases in raw material and packing costs.

Looking ahead inColgate will need to address the cost-effectiveness of adapting its marketing strategies implemented in the developed United States (US) market for the emerging Chinese. We will write a custom essay sample on Colgate Max Fresh: Global Brand Roll-Out specifically for and in the first two years Colgate saw a net profit in the Mexican market with Colgate Max Fresh.

Colgate Case Study Essay

In China, however, many aspects of the marketing mix were changed, increasing costs tremendously. By evaluating the effectiveness of the.

Colgate max fresh china marketing strategy
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